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Feature request: Please inform all blender developers about the Real-Time Ray
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System Information
Operating system: Windows 10 Pro
Graphics card: NVIDIA GeForce 920M

I'm sorry, this is not a bug repport, but I know that this is the better place to contact developers. I'm wondering, when will Blender supports Real-Time Ray Tracing?

I want that this new feature exists in Blender 2.80. Please inform everyone in Blender Team, please inform Ton Roosendaal, he’s gona love this because he loves Real-Time rendering. This only requires normal graphic card, I use a Laptop.

The image below is in Real-Time, more than 24 FPS. Just imagine million of triangles intersections per second, that’s crazy! Just imagine Blender 2.80 have that cool feature.

Please download the demo in the link below, then run it.
Exact steps to have the same result as I have:
─ Go to Camera > Change the resolution to 50% to have a high FPS.
─ Go to Vehicle > Double Click “Car 6” and wait for loading.
─ How to navigate: Left click to rotate the camera. Use the mouse scroll wheel to zoom in and zoom out, and hold middle mouse button to pan.
The download size is only about 400 MB in only 5 minutes, you can download it here: 1
NVIDIA says: A GeForce GTX 200 series GPU or better is required to experience this demo.
My graphic card is NVIDIA GeForce 920M (I use a laptop), it’s neither a GTX nor a RTX card but it supports the demo at 50% resolution with more than 24 FPS.

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Hi, while we love to hear these ideas, this is not the right place for them. This website is mainly used to track bug reports and not feature requests. But luckly, there are some other nice solutions you can take, so please use one of the other forms of communication listed below:
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