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Enabling HBCC on Vega gpus causes blender to hang when vram is exceeded
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System Information
Operating system: windows 10
Graphics card: Vega 56

Blender Version
Short description of error
enabling HBCC on vega cards, to any amount, ie, I have 12gb as my option

then trying to render a file that exceeds the 8gb of vram on the card (in cycles) will cause the program to hang and not finish rendering.
this file maxes out the 8gb of vram on my veega 56

Exact steps for others to reproduce the error
if you have an 8gb vega card, load up the file. open your radeon settings, go to gaming, global graphics, go to HBCC memory segment and enable it. 12gb is what I have it set to and then try to render the file.



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Could you please provide us with your systeminfo?

Cpu 1700x Oc'd at 3.9hz
gpu: Sapphire pulse vega 56
Ram 24gb ddr4 @3000 mhz
is this what you want?

In Blender In the Help menu you find the menu Save System Info this will generate a file that we can use to reproduce the issue.
Looking at your system I would say that the 24GB of Ram might be an issue.
Can you check if your system is not swapping?

I mean for cycles to render at 12 GB you need 12GB memory in blender, 12 GB to generate the memory map that is loaded to the system, then some OS + blender overhead. And HBCC will also allocate in your RAM. which can allocate 28-32 GB of memory.

When opening the scene on my system with 16GB of memory it already allocates 14 GB (without rendering).

here, sorry for the late reply

Have you checked if it isn’t a Out of memory issue (ram)

It will render on the cpu with 4gb of memory to spare, even then i did make a simple scene with the only goal to fill up vram and to break blender when it gets to the hbcc, i would upload it but i have no power currently.

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