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Issues with new persistent transform gizmo changes
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System Information
Operating system: Windows-10-10.0.17134 64 Bits
Graphics card: GeForce GTX 1060/PCIe/SSE2 NVIDIA Corporation 4.5.0 NVIDIA 419.17

Blender Version
Broken: version: 2.80 (sub 55), branch: master, commit date: 2019-04-13 18:58, hash: rB14884cda1ff5

When you start Blender the drop down is initially:

with none of the active object options selected, but Active Object enabled. Once you select one of the Move/Rotate/scale options, there's no way to return to the original state of having them all off without turning off the Active Object option entirely.

Can we have the three buttons (Move/Rotate/Scale) be independent on/off toggles rather than the current radio button behavior?

It's also buggy/odd if you start up blender so none are active, click Scale so it lights up, then shift-click scale and it disables, but Move lights up all by itself at that point.

On a related note, I find I want to toggle the Active Object gizmos on and off as needed but I don't want to also toggle the Navigate and Active Tool options at the same time, so there's really no case where I would use the "all on/off" button in the header and I would need to go into the menu every time.

Also from the associated change to the Overlays menu:

I hate the loss of the full word "Overlays" in the header. There are ten nearly identical little active icons on the right side there, and it now takes much more effort to identify and target the drop down for the overlays.

The full word there did two things. It drew attention to what is one of the most important things in the header that contains so many different options for customizing the display, and it also served as a landmark that made it easy to differentiate and target the other buttons around it.

Now it's just a long mush of visually indistinguishable buttons, and the existence of all those overlay options is much less discoverable.

P.S. and "Shading" too!



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Campbell Barton (campbellbarton) closed this task as Resolved.EditedApr 14 2019, 1:38 PM

Resolved gizmo toggle rB2120c5af032831348412a2a8e6c61f82ba1b921c

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