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2.8. 'Import images as planes' add-on. Transparency in PNGs not preserved.
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System Information
Operating system: MacOS 10.14
Graphics card: Radeon Pro 580 8192 MB

Blender Version
Broken: 2.80.0 2019-04-17 5d8030b8f3cf x86_64

Short description of error
I expected that the transparent areas of PNGs imported with the add-on would be preserved in the rendered view. Instead transparent PNG pixels appear black.

Exact steps for others to reproduce the error

  1. Create new Blender file.
  2. Enable 'Import images as planes' add-on in preferences.
  3. Import the test image below (File > Import > Images as planes) with default settings.
  4. Switch to 'Rendered' 3d view display.

(fwiw I expected the add-on to work based on its inclusion in this list, not sure if accurate:



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You have to set a alpha blend mode other than opaque to get alpha.

Ah, thanks. In 2.7, using the Blender renderer, the default effect of the above steps was to create image plane with transparent areas (as i was expecting), without needing to adjust the material further. Do you know if there's a deliberate reason that's no longer the case?

ie. Would it make sense to have the add-on create an "alpha blend" mode material for the plane by default if the alpha switch is active when the user imports an image?

It depends on what the user wants to do with the image as different alpha blend type fit certain scenarios. So I do not think that we could have a simple "one size, fits all" solution here.

I understand. But specifying *any* default value has the same problem. At the moment 'opaque' is the default in all cases. I'm wondering whether alpha blend might be a more appropriate default (a fit with more use cases, fewer clicks for end users) in cases where the alpha button has been checked.