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Update bevel_regression.blend automated testfile
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bevel_regression.blend in svn's test repository has not been updated for a long time, looks like in quiet a few cases (40) results are now different that what was expected, so guess it needs to be updated. ;)



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Bastien Montagne (mont29) triaged this task as Confirmed, Medium priority.

I can't reproduce this. I've been updating bevel_regression.blend pretty regularly (last time Feb 11) and it passes for me.
This is what I do on MacOs:
(with Debug build)
build with lastest master
test with latest svn revision of tests
in the build directory run:
ctest -C Debug -R bevel
and it runs that bevel test and shows it passing.
Similarly if I "make test" on Linux.

Did you do something different? Any console output that you can show me? Another thing to try, doing it manually, is load the bevel_regression.blend file, go to the Text Editor, and change the runtests assignment to False, and then run the script. This will put more verbose info on the console.

Ack… now am feeling very stupid… Was on the 2.79 tag, not on the trunk of /lib/tests :(

Everything works OK now, thanks and sorry for the noise. :)