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Design task to coordinate the modeling project. This is a curated list of items agreed on by module owners.

Order of importance:

  • Very Important - These we should handle before the next release.
  • Somewhat Important - These issues would be nice to do as soon as possible
  • Less Important - Extra polish, nice to have
  • ? Incomplete - Tasks needing more details before implementing.

Long Term Projects

Development may span multiple release cycles.

Medium Term Projects

Development should be possible in a single release cycle.

Paper Cuts

Small improvements and polish.

Under Discussion



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Brecht Van Lommel (brecht) changed the edit policy from "Custom Policy" to "BF Blender (Project)".May 27 2019, 9:39 AM

A very nice task!

Any chance to see Polycross, Offset Edges or Extrude Along Path modeling abilities?