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Overlay: DynamicPaint overlay
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Implement a dynamic paint overlay.
this overlay will show the weightpaint or vertex paint of the active dynamic paint canvas of any object.

Dynamic Paint Overlay will be added to the Geometry section. Dynamic Paint is not implemented as a mode, but as visibility flags. In the overlay popover there will be a global setting to turn on/off the Dynamic Paint overlay. The Opacity of the overlay can be changed by the user.

When turned on every object that has an active Dynamic Paint Surface will show the surface in the viewport. Supported dynamic paint surfaces are Paint and Weight. By default the overlay is turned off.


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Jeroen Bakker (jbakker) triaged this task as Confirmed, High priority.

Do we need this as a separate option now that we have vertex color display support? We don't generally do this for modifiers that generate some kind of data. You could argue the same should exist for vertex group or uv mapping modifiers, but then it becomes too much.

YAFU (YAFU) added a subscriber: YAFU (YAFU).EditedApr 23 2019, 3:04 PM

Hi. I have no opinion about whether this is better as a new overlay option or from existing Vertex color option. What I am not sure about is how it would be better for the user, where it allows him to easily realize what he must do to be able to see Dynamic Paint result in solid mode. You remember that in 2.79 this works immediately by default without user intervention, even without having added a Vertex Color layer in the Object Data tab.
Is this about workbench Dynamic Paint visualization, right? If it is not, sorry for the misinterpretation and you can delete this comment.

I'm not opposed to some generic system to easily visualize data layers from a modifier. But adding a specific Dynamic Paint setting in the overlay settings seems like the wrong direction to me, and either way I would not think this is high priority.

Jeroen Bakker (jbakker) lowered the priority of this task from Confirmed, High to Confirmed, Low.Apr 24 2019, 8:26 AM

Lowering Priority for now. Looking in the future I agree that the system would need to become more generic, so I would not spend time on this. (or when advised otherwise :-) )

Jeroen Bakker (jbakker) closed this task as Invalid.Apr 24 2019, 3:16 PM

Mark this task as invalid as we need to find a solution that will work more generic.