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Generated texture problem
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System Information
Operating system: Manjaro Linux
Graphics card: nVidia GTX 1070

Blender Version
Broken: blender-2.80-5a144c797a3b-linux-glibc224-x86_64

Short description of error
Generated textures are distorted for some simple objects when the scale (in the Texture mapping) is not equal to 1.000.

Eevee render. Texture scale X=0.3:

Eevee render. Texture scale X=1.0:

Cycles render. Texture scale X=1.0:

Cycles render. Texture scale X=0.3:

Used texture:



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This is not a bug. You are directly modifying the texture coordinated so they do not match the with automatically generated result. (This is also the case in 2.79)
I fail to see how the textures would not be distorted in this case.

John Helour (helour) added a comment.EditedApr 27 2019, 8:12 PM

I am sorry for misunderstanding. Yet I disagree with you. I expected standard texture mapping like in the Blender Render (which does not uses nodes for materials). In my opinion, the result should look as in the following picture. However, the procedural textures (e.g. the Brick Texture) work as expected.

BTW: How can I create such a x-narrowed texture (like in the picture) with nodes without UV editing?

Internal blender render. Texture size X=3.0