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export to after effects
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I'm not sure if this is the right way or the right place to send it, but i updated this existing addon to make it wok on 2.8.
attached is an updated code for exporting a .jsx file to after effects, We've already tested it in my studio and it works perfectly.
this is not my original code (thanks Bartek Skorupa!), but i guess it could benefit others.

I'm also updating a few other addons and i'd love to share them with the community, where would be the right place to submit them?
also- how can i contribute to the open tasks?




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Hi, thanks for updating the addon.

Ideally you create a diff with git and upload it.
On the front page you can click on Submit Code.
Then upload the .diff file or just paste the diff.
As repository you can choose "Blender Add-ons" or "Blender Add-ons Contrib" (depending on the addon you updated).

You can add me as reviewer.