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Animation & Rigging Module
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This page is in the process of being fully replaced by Animation & Rigging.

Order of importance:

  • Very Important - These we should handle before the next release.
  • Somewhat Important - These issues would be nice to do as soon as possible.
  • Less Important - Extra polish, nice to have.
  • ? Incomplete - Tasks needing more details before implementing.
  • (straightforward) - Task which is straightforward to implement, which don't rely on larger API changes or refactoring.

Long Term Projects

Development may span multiple release cycles.

Medium Term Projects

Development should be possible in a single release cycle.

Paper Cuts

Small improvements and polish.

Design Tasks

Related Objects

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I am a professional animator with 12 years of experience. my showreel

I cannot program or script, but if you need a help in testing, it would be great to help you out with animation module.
Let me know,


@Andrea (piro1) Thank you for the offer. This is not the place to discuss these things, though. Drop by on to discuss how you can help.

That is great,

thanks I'll do



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Closing this task as it's no longer maintained and superseded by the workboard of Animation & Rigging