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Font Selector - dynamic Font management inside viewport and sequencer
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Here's an update of the previous submitting of Font Selector ( The addon has been updated for blender 2.8

I would like to submit a simple addon i wrote to help with font system in blender. Instead of browsing it through file browser, it imports "on-the-fly" fonts through a previously created list. It allows you to dynamically see the font applied to a text object by selecting it. It is basically the way other graphic applications (such as after effect) works which i try to recreate !

The fonts are refreshed with a modal operator, creating the list as a txt external file.

You can select your font folders from user prefs and save them also as external files.

The source folder of each font is also kept in the list, you can use it to filter the fonts

There is also a favorite system to easily find the font that you use frequently. These favorites are exportable as a zip file through the file/export menu. Additionally, you can toggle the fake user for fonts when imported, this allows to create a kind of "per-project favorites".

The addon works this way :

On startup, it looks for changes in font folders (if this is setup in the preferences).
If there is any, a modal refresh starts, then the resulting list is loaded.

When the user click on a font in the fontselector panel, an update function import the font in a font datablock and apply it to the selected font object.
Pretty simple, but works quite all right

The same logic is also applied to VSE text strip

Here is an overview video of it :

Here the link to the github :

and the BA thread

the addon had been tested by a few users through blender artists forum and blender nation, for the current version, no issues were find yet (v2.0)

Thanks and have a good day ! :)



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hi, does this work on all os?

hi, yes it should, i've personally tested with windows and linux (pop os and ubuntu) but i don't own a mac computer. However, some users from first version have mac os and it worked, the logic of the addon didn't change from this version, so it should work !

hi, the addon just confirmed working on all OS :)