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Outliner: Mode switching
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In 2.8 we added the ability to bring multiple objects into Edit Mode. However, it’s not easy enough to pull in more objects into the Edit Mode session, or to evict items from it. The Outliner can be of great use here. Here’s how I think we can solve it:

When in Edit Mode (or any mode that supports editing multiple objects), we add a fourth column of toggles. Using these, it’s easily possible to either add in any items into your session, or to evict something you are done editing.

As a bonus, the also makes it easier to see which items are in the mode and which are not.


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William Reynish (billreynish) triaged this task as Normal priority.

What if to draw them in place of Selectability while edit mode?

@Paul Kotelevets (1D_Inc)
I can’t see why it would, that would be rather arbitrary.

My patch with Outliner changes includes marking objects that are being edited. If you open up those rows you can click on the mesh icon to put it into edit mode, click again to leave edit mode, and you can shift-click to add or remove multiples. But for some reason we are not allowing to do so when the rows are collapsed. That would be an easy change...

@Paul Kotelevets (1D_Inc)
I can’t see why it would, that would be rather arbitrary.

The reason is they are logically interchangeable.

  • You don't ever need to manage or even view selectability while editing (because you have already made a selection and are editing something)
  • You can't view editing state while you are in object mode (because you are in object mode).

Thus, the middle [Selectability] column can be edit/object mode-dependent with no loss, providing all it's space for the current mode.
Nice to view, easy to scroll.

@Harley Acheson (harley) that’s already quite nice I think. As you say, if that could also be done when collapsed, it starts to become compelling.

Pretty much clean solution)