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Outliner/Properties syncing
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From inside the Outliner, it would be useful to be able to sync with the Properties editor, so that it would reflect whatever data you have selected there:

In this example clicking on the Material data would open the Material Properties.

However, this has other implications:

  • Currently, selecting obData (mesh, curve etc) switches the mode to Edit mode. But, this would conflict with Outliner-Properties syncing.
  • If we use selecting for switching Properties contexts, mode switching by clicking on data must be removed. In my estimation, making selection change the mode is not what you would expect anyway. Instead, switching modes could be done by holding a modifier key or via the Context Menu.

This can work as follows:

  • Selecting any data in the Outliner will make the parent object active, then switch to the correct tab depending on the data type
  • The mode doesn't change when you select odData (mesh, curve etc)

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William Reynish (billreynish) lowered the priority of this task from 90 to Normal.Apr 29 2019, 4:46 PM

What if to draw them in place of Selectability while edit mode?

@Paul Kotelevets (1D_Inc)
I can’t see why it would, that would be rather arbitrary.

My patch with Outliner changes includes marking objects that are being edited. If you open up those rows you can click on the mesh icon to put it into edit mode, click again to leave edit mode, and you can shift-click to add or remove multiples. But for some reason we are not allowing to do so when the rows are collapsed. That would be an easy change...

@Paul Kotelevets (1D_Inc)
I can’t see why it would, that would be rather arbitrary.

The reason is they are logically interchangeable.

  • You don't ever need to manage or even view selectability while editing (because you have already made a selection and are editing something)
  • You can't view editing state while you are in object mode (because you are in object mode).

Thus, the middle [Selectability] column can be edit/object mode-dependent with no loss, providing all it's space for the current mode.
Nice to view, easy to scroll.

@Harley Acheson (harley) that’s already quite nice I think. As you say, if that could also be done when collapsed, it starts to become compelling.

Pretty much clean solution)

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I like this proposal, here are some thoughts I've had after reading through suggestions on devtalk:

  • The way I see this working is an outliner selection of an object, or any of its data subtree elements (vertex groups, mesh data, modifiers, materials, bones, etc.) would activate the object. This is necessary because the properties editor is based on the active object. Then the properties editor can be switched to the correct tab.
  • I agree that mode switching would make more sense from a context menu rather than by clicking on outliner data elements. (Though I would argue that mode switching isn't even necessary in the outliner, with a dropdown, keyboard shortcuts, a pie menu, and workspaces we aren't really lacking in ways to switch modes.)
  • There shouldn't be any need for a toggle to enable properties syncing. The properties editor has a pinning feature if a user wants to keep a properties editor from changing.
  • The proposed solution for managing objects within edit mode is good, though I feel that it is distinct enough from outliner datablock to properties syncing that it could use it's own task.

@Nathan Craddock (Zachman) agreed on all points. I will update this task.

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Maybe when clicking on light/camera icon is select an object and automatic open properties for light/camera?

William Reynish (billreynish) renamed this task from Outliner - Properties syncing to Outliner/Properties syncing.Jan 13 2020, 12:10 AM

Yo, is it dead? This is a must have. 🙁

Gsoc is over.
Curfew is in a progress.