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2.8 | Reload and relocate break linked rigs with proxies
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System Information
Operating system: Win 7 64
Graphics card: gtx 1080ti

Blender Version
Broken: (example: 2.80, ee0d8426ab6d, master, 2019-05-03)
Worked: N/A

Short description of error

Reload will give an error similar to:

Lib Reload: Replacing all references to old data-block 'OBArmature' by reloaded one failed, old one (1 remaining users) had to be kept and was renamed to 'OBArmature~000'

Then the connection to the proxy will be broken. An armature proxy needs to be created again and then the Action needs to be assigned back to it.

Expected behaviour: the same as saving and re-opening the file, nothing breaks but the mesh gets updated.

Relink Much like reload it will break the link, a new proxy will need to be created (the old one deleted) and an Action will need to be assigned manually again.

Exact steps for others to reproduce the error
Open new scene
Link in BoxRig collection from my file
Create armature proxy and pose it
Change a vertex in the original file and save
Click Reload



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Sebastian Parborg (zeddb) triaged this task as Needs Information from User priority.

I can't seem to reproduce this with the step provided. Is this still an issue for you with the latest build?