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Animation Editor Scrollbars
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Now that we have a dedicated scrubbing area, we don't use them for the frame numbers, and so we don't need our scrollbars to be so wide anymore.

We can make them thinner, while still retaining the zoom handles:

However, making them thinner requires us to change the vertical scrollbars in the Graph Editor & Sequencer,:

Here they are thinner and moved to the right, similar to all other scrollbars in Blender.

We can keep the numbers on the left:

Sequencer example:

  • Make animation scrollbars thinner, but keep zoom handles
  • For the vertical Graph Editor & Sequencer vertical scrollbars:
    • Move them to the right
    • Move the numbers outside, keep on the left part of the editor


To Do

Event Timeline

The vertical scrollbars in the graph editor etc, are more useful on the left. On the right they will be too far from the "action" zone. I don't think that's a good idea.

Updated task after getting feedback from BI animators through @Pablo Vazquez (pablovazquez) . We agreed to keep the numbers on the left, vertically, so they don't extend too far into the content area.

Scrollbars can then go on the right like all other scrollbars.

To keep in mind issue T64260 when refactoring the scrollbars, they can become too small to handle.

@William Reynish (billreynish) My main concern was the vertical numbers moving to the right as well, but I can see that you also got feedback from animators and you agreed to keep it on the left. So all is fine.