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Crash with bones with custom shapes AND being in a shading type that is NOT wireframe.
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System Information
Operating system:Windows 10
Graphics card: GTX 1080

Blender Version
Broken: 2.80, master, 0e09075e3956 2019-05-11
Worked: 2.80, 75f551facaf0, 2019-04-07

I don't have the exact commit ID where it stopped working, sorry about that. The "worked" info I provided is the last blender version I downloaded before actually building blender myself everyday. It started crashing about two or three weeks ago but I can't be more precise, sorry about that.

Short description of error
In the scene I provided Blender crashes when these three conditions are valid:

  1. All four bones have a custom shape
  2. We are not in wireframe (so shading, LookDev or eevee)
  3. We change the active bone

Exact steps for others to reproduce the error
Open the scene I provided below, go in shading, lookdev or eevee and change the selection of the pose bones a few times (it usually crashes the 2nd time)


  • I have not been able to reproduce the crash in a custom scene but i've simplified the scene I've uploaded as much as I could. There are still some actions that have two users but I couldn't figure out which. I'm pretty sure the actions are not related to the crash though but not 100% certain.
  • deleting any one of the four bones "fixes" the crash
  • removing the custom shape of one of the bones also "fixes" the crash
  • Assigning the ctrlShape.facial to all bones seems to fix it as well. The crash may be only with custom shapes with no surface and just wireframe?
  • when one or more of the four bones have the wireframe checkbox ticked (above the custom shape thingy), it doesn't crash

Sorry again that I couldn't reproduce this in a new scene but hopefully I gathered enough information to make your life easier!
I'm available if you have any questions and/or want me to test some stuff if you can't reproduce this.

Here's the blend file:

Event Timeline

I could confirm, with recent build too. windows10 64bit, and Nvidia video card.

Blender 2.80 (sub 61), Commit date: 2019-05-11 18:20, Hash ebc44aae9897

It somtimes need more steps, (move around or change bone selection, etc) untill crash.
but after all, attached scene cause crash with my PC.

then this is clash.txt, with debug build generated.

Philipp Oeser (lichtwerk) lowered the priority of this task from 90 to 50.

Can confirm, too
@Clément Foucault (fclem): mind checking?

1   ??                                                                0x7fffca43882c 
2   ??                                                                0x7fffca0d8bed 
3   ??                                                                0x7fffc9f94840 
4   ??                                                                0x7fffc9faa7e3 
5   ??                                                                0x7fffca3fab5d 
6   ??                                                                0x7fffca4073bd 
7   ??                                                                0x7fffca407ca4 
8   ??                                                                0x7fffc9fa46d9 
9   GPU_batch_draw_range_ex                  gpu_batch.c         629  0x6c39e44      
10  draw_geometry_execute_ex                 draw_manager_exec.c 907  0x28da373      
11  draw_shgroup                             draw_manager_exec.c 1262 0x28db22d      
12  drw_draw_pass_ex                         draw_manager_exec.c 1389 0x28db874      
13  DRW_draw_pass                            draw_manager_exec.c 1429 0x28dba01      
14  POSE_draw_scene                          pose_mode.c         280  0x28fd0b2      
15  drw_engines_draw_scene                   draw_manager.c      1242 0x28cea8e      
16  DRW_draw_select_loop                     draw_manager.c      2426 0x28d17af      
17  view3d_opengl_select                     view3d_view.c       1130 0x2e1315f      
18  mixed_bones_object_selectbuffer          view3d_select.c     1463 0x2e036c1      
19  mixed_bones_object_selectbuffer_extended view3d_select.c     1562 0x2e03b5e      
20  ed_object_select_pick                    view3d_select.c     1856 0x2e04893

I saw some doubts whether this was fixed or not in there: T64449
I can confirm that it still crashes as of this commit: 08a79fc88b88