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I'm having some serious problems with screen corruption.

I'm running blender-CVS-20061225, but I've also tried the binary release, which used to work before. Compiling blender from source has always given me this problem, but now it also happens with the binary release.

When I select an object in object mode, the corruption occurs, with pink lines being painted across the screen. Many times, these lines disappear when I enter edit mode, but suddenly that don't work anymore and I have to restart blender.

I'm on GNU/Linux-2.6.18-rt7 with mesa-6.5.

I have ATI Radeon 9250 (rv280) and I'm using the DRI drivers.

I've uploaded a screenshot of what I'm seeing.

It makes it very impossible use blender. It happens every time, no matter what I do.

Any pointers as to what I can try?

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Correction: It doesn't happen no matter what I do. It only happens when using curves, such as bezier curves

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This is a DRI bug... you could try to compare it with other drivers (like from ATI), or check it on a different computer (like with nvidia card), or check it using software opengl (mesa3d) only.

The only thing we could do is accept a patch from someone bypassing this error.

This is a generic request to test your bug report and see if it is still an issue in 2.5alpha2 if so please let me know by making a comment in this report ie 'also in 2.5alpha2' and I will add it to the 2.5 bug list.

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