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2.8 convert curve to mesh not working
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in the 2.8 version of blender the convert curve to mesh feature was working without an issue until today open a brand new project and create a path curve as well as a circle curve. select the path curve and in edit mode under geometry you'll find the bevel feature, apply curve circle as curve paths bevel. the curve path should resemble a cylinder without a bottom or top. back in object mode with the curve path selected right click for object context menu and select the convert to mesh option. For whatever reason this deletes the cylinder shape which never happened before today.



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richard matias (rich1000) renamed this task from 2.8 convert curve to mesh to 2.8 convert curve to mesh not working.

The menu "convert to: mesh.." appears but does nothing, it happens from last week build or so.

And then if you try to go to an ortographic view (top, front..etc) and do a mouse wheel zoom, it crashes blender.