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Option to hide the Marker area
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The marker area takes up a lot of vertical space, and often you don't need to see it in every animation editor.

We should add an option to Show/Hide the marker area, inside each animation editor.

  • Rename Show Marker Lines to Show Markers
  • If Show Markers = True, then it should work as today
  • if Show Markers = False, then both the marker area, markers and marker lines should never be visible, in the current editor

Suggested by user Alumx


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@Jacques Lucke (JacquesLucke) Hi! Are you already working on this? If not and if it doesn't bother you I would like to give it a try.

I did not start working on this yet.

Hi, I was looking at the markers operators, and I have a couple of question about them:

  • Add: should we allow to add markers if the area is hidden? Also currently, when "Lock Markers" is active, it's still possible to add new ones, should we keep this behaviour?
  • Rename and Select: right now one can't select/deselect or rename markers when "Lock Markers" is active. I personally think we should instead allow it, the selection part at least. It currently feels a bit broken since, if you had some markers selected before locking them, they remains highlighted.
  • Bind Camera to Marker:
    • should we always draw the lines for this special markers as we do now? I think it was a way to differentiate them in 2.7 when they had the same icon, so I don't think it's necessary any more.
    • we currently allow to bind any object to a marker with this operator, not only cameras.. Is this a bug or a feature? :) (was the same in 2.7)

About the interface @William Reynish (billreynish)

Rename Show Marker Lines to Show Markers

I think we could keep the option to show/hide the lines, if one wanted to keep the editor a bit more clean; I'd make a menu like this one: (I think we could also move "Show Pose Markers" there, renaming it to something like "Toggle Pose Markers" maybe?).

Another small thing: maybe we could hide the "Marker" menu from the header if the region is hidden