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Blender Crashes in viewport
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System Information i5 6600k 8GB of ram
Operating system: windows 7
Graphics card: gtx 1050 ti (4GB)

Blender Version 2.79
Broken: blender viewport render crashes when i try to render with gpu or cpu
Worked: (optional)

Exact steps for others to reproduce the error just render
Based on the default startup or an attached .blend file (as simple as possible).

the project is here if you want to try (401mb)

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Daniel Salazar (zanqdo) lowered the priority of this task from 90 to 30.Jun 10 2019, 9:05 PM

@francisco silva (kiko) Please simplify your file greatly before submitting a bug report.

Please record a video of how you are crashing Blender. Your steps are not detailed enough to understand what is going on.

Looks like you don't have enough RAM for this scene. I had a look at the Task Manager while doing the same as you did in the video. My RAM usage went from 2.9 GB to 7.9GB. You could try if works for you when you have your RAM usage below 2.9GB before starting blender. The final render will use even more RAM, primarily because the Subdivision Surface modifier on Landscape.

I just noticed that your scene opens and renders fine with Blender 2.8 and appears to be using less RAM than Blender 2.79.

You might be right! My ram may be a problem... But in my computer I've tried with blender 2.8 and it crashes too.. The most surprising thing is that I've passed the file to my portable computer with have i5 5200u and it has 4gb of ram and it renders! But it takes ages, my desktop has windows 7, my portable computer has windows 10

Do you think the problem is from windows?!

Maybe windows 7 does handle the pagefile differently compared to windows 10. Or there is not enough room on your disk for the pagefile to grow. The pagefile is used to offload data from memory to disk when necessary. In theory you can set its size manually, but I'm not sure whether this will help.

Outdated graphics drivers are often causing problems too.

I had to test if it was really possible to render this file with only 4GB of RAM. Used two attempts, but it worked.

Is this still an issue? Please provide a minimal blend file to reproduce the issue, and upload it directly here via drag & drop rather than an external site like gdrive.

Also, if this is an issue with 2.7, note that bugs for blender 2.7 aren't being fixed anymore since 2.80 release is around the corner. You should check if you still have the issue with the latest 2.80 daily build.

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