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Graph Editor Channel colors conflict with eye icons
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The source list inside the Graph Editor currently combines the curve color with the show/hide toggle.

This causes a visual clash, making the eye icons hard to read:

To solve this, we could move the color indicator away from the show/hide toggle, as illustrated above.


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@William Reynish (billreynish) I'm giving a look at this and I managed to reproduce your mockup, I'm not sure what we should do about the scroll bar though.

If we draw the colored bands at the end of the channel it will results in the scroll bar overlapping them like this:

We could add space for it like this:

Or, we could maybe just remove the scroll bar, making the graph editor like the dopesheet?
Edit: I wasn't thinking about the fact that the dopesheet scroll bar on the right scrolls both the main region and the channels one

To make it look a bit better I tried to make the space for the scroll bar of the same colour as the region background, instead of the channel one.
What would you think about it?