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F2 Updates for 2.8
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hi, @Paul Kotelevets (1D_Inc) has informed me of an updated version of F2 addon here:
It's a good update but misses some line formatting in the current version.
I've also looked here:
There might be a couple of fixes also.
Would the new Author be able to have a quick look?
I would like to resolve this update very quickly.



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Brendon Murphy (meta-androcto) triaged this task as Confirmed, Medium priority.

Added rBA812d1c1ec3f3 to version 1-8-4
Added e47cb9ed5b5c to version 1-8-4
These two updates were recently added to F2 during regular clean up.
Committed to release.
@Paul Kotelevets (1D_Inc) please let your guy know I've updated.

The following is a Template for getting access to the Blender Addons Repo, It would be good if one of you guys had access to the repo and updated F2 as you need to. I think this would be best so the addon in Blender matches yours.
Thanks again.

hi, if you can join this mailing list: and mail:

Re: Commit Access to Addons Repository: ATT: @ideasman42


Hi my name is: "your name"
My user name on is: "your user name here"
I would like commit access to the addons repository.
I am the maintainer of/my addon is:
New to Blender and it's task is here: "inset addon name and task name".
or I'm the Author of an addon in Blender and I wish to update the addon: "inset addon name and task name if applicable".
or I'm a new maintainer of an addon in Blender and I wish to update the addon/s "inset addon/s name/s and task name/s if applicable".

I'm familiar with git usage and my repo is here: "your git hub" *not needed but why not if you have one. It's important to know git usage before committing to the Blender addons repo.

It's also useful to join this mailing list: as this list mails out the commits. is a good read. and provide a good place to discuss your addon or issues if needed. It's good also to drop in and say hi and meet other developers and provides a good communication platform.
Final note: Addons in the Blender repository are updated by addons devs and Blender core devs help with api updates/fixes. As there's multiple people committing it's important to make sure your local folders are updated to current before committing your self.


Brendon Murphy (meta-androcto) lowered the priority of this task from Confirmed, Medium to Normal.Sun, Jun 23, 9:31 AM

keeping open for now in case there's any follow up.

Thank you! Do we really need getting acces, or we just can put those two changes manually to our github?
We don't planning to make some sufficient changes to F2 for a pretty much long time.

ok, that's fine, just let us know here if you make any changes.
I'll close this task now. Thanks for your time and efforts with F2.

Yes, all we want is just to update F2 to 1-8-4 at least once, because previous version was about 5 years old.

It was with autograb turned off by default, so people didn't even know it exists, despite the fact that it is an integral part of the workflow. Experimental UV issue, that cause errors, were constantly turned on.
People (including Kent Trammell) even made tutorials about F2 without any clue what it is about and how to propery use it.
A lot of tools, including Retopoflow and new polygon drawing tool from Blender 2.8 still repeat workflow mistakes that were solved in F2 with autograb a lot of years ago.
I'm just tired of the question of "how to use it".
From a gift to community it turned into my personal curse.

So, it will be finally updated to 1-8-4, we will make these two corrections to our github, and hope this will be the happy end of this story.
Thanks to you)

Got some problems)
We will update our version from RC one

Got some problems)
We will update our version from RC one

ok, let me know