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Extrude missing underside face
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System Information
Operating system: Debian stretch / Mac OS Mojave
Graphics card: Nvidia GTX1070 and whatever they throw in a 2015 Macbook pro

Blender Version
Blender 2.8 40a8c4908818 (Debian) 12da679fa094 (Mac OS)

Short description of error
Extrude on a plane which has it's face inset, bottom face is missing

Exact steps for others to reproduce the error

  1. Create a plane.
  2. Select face and inset a few mm
  3. Extrude any face
  4. Look at underside, face is missing. (didn't seem to occur in previous build).



Event Timeline

on latest master, looks like this:

which is consistent with previous versions - like 2.79b, from over a year ago (earliest blender version I have knocking about):

(only real visible difference is that backfaces are not very strongly differentiated in 2.8)

So unless I've missed something very silly, there's no bug here.

Paul Johnson (english_fool) claimed this task.

Ah, I tried again and managed to get the same behavior in 2.79b, If the inset wraps around a bottom face is present, this confused me.