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NLA strip fails to update name
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System Information
Operating system: linux 64-bit
Graphics card: nvidia

Blender Version
Broken: blender-2.80-953419c641a7-linux-glibc224-x86_64, 2019-06-21

Renaming an action strip in the Action Editor gets updated in the Outliner(View layer), but not in the NLA Editor.

One can verify what action and NLAtrack strips are linked to an object by looking at the Outliner.

I can rename a NLAtrack in the NLA editor and it gets updated in the Outliner.

I noticed that if I append("link"?) a copy of the "renamed" action strip back into the NLA object where an original exists, ... one of them becomes a red box. When I click on one, the one being clicked on turns green, while the other turns red (tried this on the same NLAtrack), the same vice-versa when clicking on any -- the one being clicked on always turns green, and the other turns red. The animation though still is unhindered.

^ let me know if this is expected, ... to me it looks like a bug (I tried to find a bugreport about it but couldn't.)

tested with simple blend file: 1 cube, 1 plane..

please fix




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William Reynish (billreynish) triaged this task as Needs Information from User priority.

I cannot reproduce this.

You'll have to explain exactly which name you are referring to.

The names on the strips is separate from the name of the actions. Multiple strips with different names can all refer to the same action - see the sidebar.

I uploaded a video demonstrating the bug..

When an actionstrip is renamed, the other existing instances do not have their label updated in the NLA Editor,

At the end of the video, Outliner is expanded to show "CubeActionNewName" listed twice under NLATrack.... but it is not listed twice in the NLA Editor, ..

end result is:

NLA Editor's NLATrack has --> "CubeAction", "CubeActionNewName"
Outliner's NLATrack node has -> NLATrack: "CubeActionNewName", "CubeActionNewName"

instead it should be:
NLA Editor NLATrack: "CubeActionNewName", "CubeActionNewName"
Outliner's NLATrack node has -> NLATrack: "CubeActionNewName", "CubeActionNewName"

this should help to explain as to why I was getting weird "red" filled strips on the NLATrack..

please take a look


That is just not how the NLA currently works. The strip names are independent from the action names.

the N-key properties features things more clearly for me. I am going to see how I was getting that red-fill strip previously.