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GPencil: Redesign Blend modes and cleanup Drawing Engine
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The actual blend modes have problems with alpha and other performance issues.

This task is for do a full review and improve and fix these issues.

We move it to 2.81 because for 2.80 is too risky to change draw engine, and it's better to have something running with some problems that breaks the draw engine.

I initially assign to @Clément Foucault (fclem), because he will coordinate the task.

Examples of the problem:


  • Review if possible avoid overlap in one layer (see T66818).
  • Review AA in VFX and Blend modes.
  • Review Halo problems with multiple objects.(see T68204)

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Here is some information on how I am creating brush textures. Could it be something to do with PNG coming from Krita? Perhaps this the reason why there is trouble with alpha?

Just testing out the 2.82 branches on:

Here is a rambling mess of thoughts on how close it is to working:

I have honestly no idea how else to contribute accept to keep testing and just demonstrating and talking through how as an artist I may use these tools.


Clément Foucault (fclem) closed this task as Resolved.Jan 13 2020, 4:42 PM

@adam earle (adamearle) I'm sorry to announce that the 3D mode is now not working as you mentioned. This is sad but it was creating more problem than it was solving.

We plan to have a more close integration of the 3D mode inside other engines (workbench/eevee) in the future to allow correct 3D transparency and effects.

Also a 15min video is not a good format for us to get feedback. Just having a bullet list of things that works and other that don't is more helpful. Also, please use to create discussion around this, leaving the tracker for bug tracking.

Regarding this task, pretty much everything listed here has been fixed inside the gpencil refactor branch. So let's close it.

Hey, mate sorry about the 15 minutes video I didn't realize it was that long. I will be more considerate in the future of how and where I post.
Apologies I didn't realize this was the bug tracker. I thought this was place for discussion.

Now all of that said 2.82 and 2.83 from test work really well. The only things that seems to be not working are "textured strokes" from what I have tested.
From what I test its all still very very useable.

Apologies again for being overzealous. It really is very exciting.

Reading through bugs reports lead me to testing blender out this way.

Textured alpha strokes are respected here.

This could be a quick solution for maybe next release before University start-up and we can start teaching it to the students.

The code in the masking could be used potentially on normal strokes.
When they are moved in 3D space the code switches on or off depending on where the stroke is in 3D space.

I didn't want to post in here, but I really thought this may help out since I can't see what actually is happening in the development.

In the attached Blend file if you scrub the timeline you the stroke color will change. Colour holds up well enough.