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Tools & widgets design update
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For 2.8, we've included a new toolbar and widgets system.

We have identified a few ways in which we can make improvements in this area.


The main issues are:

  • It's too much of a hassle to switch between selection and operation
  • Tools are currently inconsistent, because some tools show gizmos, while others don't.


We can address this like so:

  • By default, when clicking and dragging in the viewport, outside of the gizmo, you will perform a box selection.

  • This can be controlled by the Drag Action, which will become accessible for all gizmo-tools:

This will make selection much more immediate, without requiring users to jump back and forth between selection tools and action tools.


To make this work consistently, we will have to include more gizmos for more tools. For normal tools, we cannot rely on clicking and dragging, because that will now box select, so we need something to click and drag on to execute the tool.

We have thus far avoided adding gizmos for so-called 1D tools, which don't represent any axes of input, but just usually represent a single amount. Examples of those are Bevel, Inset, Extrude Along Normals, Extrude Individual, Smooth, Randomize, Shrink/Fatten, Push/Pull, To Sphere.

Below is an example of how the generic amount-gizmo would look like:

The purple color is distinct from the axis colors, because the handle doesn't represent an axis, but simply an amount.



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That particular shade of purple is a non-starter for people with Protanopia and Deutanopia; blends in with the Z axis. A more distinct handle shape and/or pull direction would make the color less relevant, though.