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Undo steps limiting crash with sculpt and texture painting
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System Information
Operating system: Linux-4.13.0-46-generic-x86_64-with-debian-stretch-sid 64 Bits
Graphics card: Quadro GP100/PCIe/SSE2 NVIDIA Corporation 4.5.0 NVIDIA 384.130

Blender Version
Broken: version: 2.80 (sub 74), branch: master, commit date: 2019-07-17 07:56, hash: rBf8a70db55654

Short description of error
I don't know when this started happening but since yesterday when I sculpted again, Blender randomly crashes every 10-15 min.
This might happen when I undo, switch my brush, place a stroke. Anything really.
I talked with Sebastian Parlorg and apparently it might be tied to allocating memory.
Here's what the Debug Blender terminal said right before the crash.

Thread 1 "blender" received signal SIGSEGV, Segmentation fault.
je_large_dalloc (tsdn=0x7ffff7fc2778, extent=0x0) at src/large.c:347
347     src/large.c: No such file or directory.
#0 0x000000000302ec92 in je_large_dalloc (tsdn=0x7ffff7fc2778, extent=0x0) at src/large.c:347
#1 0x0000000002b48d28 in MEM_lockfree_freeN (vmemh=0x7fff59530d48) at /media/data/blender_guest/blender_master/intern/guardedalloc/intern/mallocn_lockfree_impl.c:157
#2 0x0000000004e0712c in BLO_memfile_free (memfile=0x7fffa9948908) at /media/data/blender_guest/blender_master/source/blender/blenloader/intern/undofile.c:62
#3 0x0000000004e071f5 in BLO_memfile_merge (first=0x7fffa9948908, second=0x7fff7e393108)
at /media/data/blender_guest/blender_master/source/blender/blenloader/intern/undofile.c:92
#4 0x0000000004e06f02 in memfile_undosys_step_free (us_p=0x7fffe0902a08) at /media/data/blender_guest/blender_master/source/blender/editors/undo/memfile_undo.c:123
#5 0x0000000004e31a0c in undosys_step_free_and_unlink (ustack=0x7fffdffe5938, us=0x7fffe0902a08)
at /media/data/blender_guest/blender_master/source/blender/blenkernel/intern/undo_system.c:221
#6 0x0000000004e31f86 in undosys_stack_clear_all_first (ustack=0x7fffdffe5938, us=0x7fff5ed05008)
at /media/data/blender_guest/blender_master/source/blender/blenkernel/intern/undo_system.c:322
#7 0x0000000004e32642 in BKE_undosys_stack_limit_steps_and_memory (ustack=0x7fffdffe5938, steps=255, memory_limit=0)
at /media/data/blender_guest/blender_master/source/blender/blenkernel/intern/undo_system.c:440
#8 0x0000000004e05045 in ED_undo_push (C=0x7ffff2d85308, str=0xb1948bf "Radial Control") at /media/data/blender_guest/blender_master/source/blender/editors/undo/ed_undo.c:92
#9 0x0000000004e05995 in ED_undo_push_op (C=0x7ffff2d85308, op=0x7fffe085c2c8) at /media/data/blender_guest/blender_master/source/blender/editors/undo/ed_undo.c:290
#10 0x0000000002db82a3 in wm_operator_finished (C=0x7ffff2d85308, op=0x7fffe085c2c8, repeat=false, store=true)
at /media/data/blender_guest/blender_master/source/blender/windowmanager/intern/wm_event_system.c:982
#11 0x0000000002dbb506 in wm_handler_operator_call (C=0x7ffff2d85308, handlers=0x7fffe0f64998, handler_base=0x7fff61d29ad8, event=0x7fff939d6788, properties=0x0)
at /media/data/blender_guest/blender_master/source/blender/windowmanager/intern/wm_event_system.c:2217
#12 0x0000000002dbd411 in wm_handlers_do_intern (C=0x7ffff2d85308, event=0x7fff939d6788, handlers=0x7fffe0f64998)
at /media/data/blender_guest/blender_master/source/blender/windowmanager/intern/wm_event_system.c:2897
#13 0x0000000002dbd59e in wm_handlers_do (C=0x7ffff2d85308, event=0x7fff939d6788, handlers=0x7fffe0f64998)
at /media/data/blender_guest/blender_master/source/blender/windowmanager/intern/wm_event_system.c:2945
#14 0x0000000002dbe823 in wm_event_do_handlers (C=0x7ffff2d85308) at /media/data/blender_guest/blender_master/source/blender/windowmanager/intern/wm_event_system.c:3323
#15 0x0000000002db17e2 in WM_main (C=0x7ffff2d85308) at /media/data/blender_guest/blender_master/source/blender/windowmanager/intern/wm.c:417
#16 0x00000000027044f6 in main (argc=1, argv=0x7fffffffe668) at /media/data/blender_guest/blender_master/source/creator/creator.c:500

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Huh, this is very strange - I have found a way to reproduce that problem with 100% consistency on 4a5e046c923f from 2019-07-16 with just a default Cube with no additioanl subdivisions or modifiers and no Dyntopo, using only one Sculpt brush and one Rotate tool in Edit Mode but I cannot reproduce it in latest 45ae9edbd5ac from 2019-07-21. Just in case, here is how to reproduce this on an older build:

  1. Start Blender.
  2. Ctrl+Tab to Sculpt Mode on a default Cube. Do 10 strokes with default Sculpt brush, you have to press and release the mouse at least 10 times.
  3. Ctrl+Tab to Edit Mode. Switch to Rotate tool and rotate your selected mesh 10 times by pressing and releasing the mouse.
  4. Ctrl+Tab to Sculpt Mode. Do another 10 strokes on it with default Sculpt brush, you have to press and release the mouse at least 10 times.
  5. Ctrl+Tab to Edit Mode and Blender will crash.
  6. The same thing was reproducible with other modes as well, for example, if you switch to Vertex Paint instead of Edit Mode and do the same 10 strokes trick, after a few sessions of switching to and from Sculpt Mode Blender will crash as well.
  7. For some reason I cannot reproduce the same exact thing if I start old Blender from blender_debug_log but it's 100% reproducible on regular start.

T67424#730246 and T67443#730264 have instructions on how to reproduce the issue too.

The commit that caused this problem was reverted and the latest build from should no longer have the problem.

But the original issue that this commit was supposed to fix is back now, so we that is fixed we need to verify that following these instructions there is no crash.

Alex (SpectreFirst) added a comment.EditedJul 22 2019, 5:15 PM

Did some testing on 45ae9edbd5ac from 2019-07-21 on Intel Core i7, 8 Gb RAM, AMD Radeon HD 7700, Windows 7 x64:

  • Spent nearly half an hour sculpting, moving vertices in Edit Mode, painting weights and vertex colors on a default Sphere while switching between modes once in a while and everything seems to work fine.
  • Also tried Multires (which still doesn't work properly when switching subdivisions and still doesn't show textures and vertex colors in Sculpt Mode but that is another case) and Dyntopo, everything seems to be working fine.
This was reproducible on my side the same exact way as the other one but right now I can paint and switch modes for 10 minutes without any problems.

EDIT: I was able to reproduce the text block crach from the text editor on 2019-07-21 build. I have no idea what causes this but if you type a long string into a text block, rename the block and press Undo it will still crash. Also tried combo - typed long string, renamed the text block, moved light in 3D View, pressed Undo several times and Blender crashed when it reached text block renaming step so the problem is most likely somewhere in that area. -d mode gave me the same exception_access_violation error.

Other than that I was unable to reproduce mode switching crash. My Undo Steps was set to 2 all the time but that didn't seem to affect anything - I was able to undo once in a while with no problems. My system is Windows so I cannot verify if any of these problems persist on other systems.

Thank you and congratulations for this quick and effective intervention for the problem "T67580: Regular crashes when working in Sculpting window." and "T67498: Blender crashes during sculpting."
I downloaded the latest version of July 24 and it works very well, again Congratulations to the team!

Still crashing when changing mode on blender-2.80.0-git.bfe580642f46.
Open Blender
Delete Cube
Create UV Sphere
Texture Paint
On Active Tool menu, create a texture Base Color with default settings.
Start to paint and changing to Edit several times with Tab shortcut.
After some time blender crash.
Record time: 30 Seconds

I'm unable to crash with Sculpt and tab smashing.

@Israel Picanço Lenzi (Mahou) could you open a separate report?

I tried redoing this bug but couldn't. Could you check if this happens more often with the number of undo steps lowered to around 5?

Actually it doesn't, it's pretty random, I tried several times changing undo steps from 36 to 5 and the reverse, the time to crash it's literally random and don't seems to be influenciated by the undo steps, I will create a separate report.