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Annotation Tools are missing from the Sequencer Preview
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In the Sequencer Preview the Annotation Tools are missing - properly because there is no tools sidebar - but without the Annotation Tools exposed, this function is very crippled(yes, you can draw when pressing 'D', but how do the users know this?)

Maybe, either the Sequencer Preview could have a tools sidebar like the Movie Clip Editor(for the Annotation Tools) or the Annotation Tools could simply be added to the properties sidebar of the Sequencer Preview(as a quick-fix).

The optimal solution would be if the Sequencer tool-set was in consistency with ex. the Movie Clip Editor and stuff like the missing Adjust Last Operation menu entry T66462 was also implemented(which also is implemented in the Movie Clip Editor).



Event Timeline

It is possible to add the Annotation Tools to the Sequencer Sidebar, but the functions do not seem to work:

We should not add those buttons. They are insanely clumsy to use, because you can only draw one stroke at a time.

Instead, we should add a proper toolbar, for which we already have a patch. This should be quite easy to do for 2.81.

The same goes for the Movie Clip editor.

Without these Annotation Tools exposed, the Sequencer Annotations aren't of much use in 2.80. Why not expose them for now, and make it at least usable, until a proper toolbar is implemented?

What is the plan for the annotations in the Sequencer? Only to annotate on the preview(preview/preview+sequencer/preview backdrop)? Or also annotate in the Sequencer(strip area)? If it is only for preview then the annotations could be disabled(hidden) now in the sequencer(strip/timeline) area.

@Peter Fog (tintwotin) I feel you...

I don't understand why tools and functionality have been removed, and not been replaced by anything...
I completely understand the argument about the time and effort not being worth it for a stopgap measure. But what's the reason for not adding them back?^

We should not add those buttons. They are insanely clumsy to use, because you can only draw one stroke at a time.

This is a disappointing comment to see.
It is not only these buttons, do you not remember the most important one?

I'm sure that even after the UI freeze it would have been much better keeping the options of 2.7x in preparation for the T57846: Use toolbar for Clip Editor, rather then the "insanely clumsy to use" Annotations toolbar we are currently stuck with...

^But obviously in the case of T64649 where deprecated features are not supported.