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3D Cursor Auto-Visibility
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Hiding the 3D Cursor viewport was a brilliant feature added to blender 2.8 viewport overlay. However, I noticed that when you hide the 3D Cursor via viewport overlay and Press the 3D Cursor shortcut, the 3d cursor doesn't reappear. This addon attached is an improvement to that 3D Cursor by adding a bit more automation to the 3D Cursors visibility.

if the shortcut ( 'C' for industry compatible and ' \' for default and 27X) is pressed, it reveals the 3D Cursor and sets the active tool to 3D Cursor but then when using a different tool, it automatically hides. It’s a much better than manually hiding/unhiding the 3D Cursor in the Viewport Overlay feature than assigning a shortcut and its really useful feature for other artists and save them from manually hiding and unhiding via viewport overlay too much. The Auto-Hide feature does not work when the 3D Cursor is already visible. It will just set the active tool to 3D Cursor. This is useful for those special cases you don't want to Auto-Hide the 3D Cursor. If it is already hidden it will automatically hide when you press a different shortcut

As a bonus feature, toggling the visibility and active tool switching between the 3D Cursor and Previous tool has also been included to save time from manually clicking Hide/unhide via viewport overlay. ( assigned to ' ; ' key) holding down and releasing the key does the same thing too.

it would be awesome if this addon gets added into the Blender. It's fine if this addon gets rejected, I thought I'd try and thank you so much for your time and consideration. Keep making Blender more awesome!





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Ibrahim (Iby) updated the task description. (Show Details)

I don't think that we would accept an addon for this functionality (@Aaron Carlisle (Blendify) ?). If this is an important feature, it should be built into Blender directly.