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Quadriflow remeshing
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This feature would automatically generate a quad mesh using the Quadriflow library. As opposed to T67510: OpenVDB remeshing, this would generate meshes with higher quality topology and edge loops aligned to features. It is implemented in the sculpt branch.

This would add Remeshing panel in the mesh properties, with some remeshing parameters stored on the mesh and an operator to execute the remeshing.

  • Build system integration: as a library dependency or in extern/? If the code is small enough then extern/ seems preferable, since this library is unlikely to maintained as a Linux package, and we may need to do our own changes to the code.
  • Remeshing can take minutes, is cancelling and progress indication possible?
  • Add regression test.


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Brecht Van Lommel (brecht) triaged this task as Normal priority.

Did you guys want me to look into the cmake stuff ASAP or what was the time frame for this?

It would be good to do this somewhere in the next 3 weeks or so?

I've opened a issue in the github repo asking for some input from the developers. They seem quite active so I think that they will respond soon:

It seems like the quadriflow guys would like the extern approach (quote from link above):

I am very willing that my code could be further developed and make it blender-friendly. That should give it more impact. It seems that the first option (put it in extern) will have benefit in the long term, and I prefer that. That means, if you have any questions about the details of the code, please feel free to contact me ( and I am willing to answer them when I have time. Thanks a lot for your interest in this project.

@Pablo Dobarro (pablodp606) I can't seem to find the quadriflow code in the sculpt branch by grepping for quadriflow function names. Is it in some other branch?

I think there shouldn't be much work in getting to exist in extern. What I would like is to have a look at the quadriflow code changes and see if I can just quickly integrate them upstream.
I'm guessing you just added some more API calls?