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close window while dragging border and right click (for leftclickselect)
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hi guys, thanks for doing what you do <3

I wish I could code and submit this feature as a patch myself but I can't but I can try to just provide a written description that is easy to understand.

While fiddeling with the small corner of a window in blender to drag it over another window and close this I figured it would be a tad bit faster when you could just grab the border between the windows and while dragging and holding lmb you press rmb and the other window darkening arrow appears and you control that arrow, the direction to close with the direction you drag the mouse.
When you have two mouse buttons pressed I'm not sure what is more intuitive with leftclickselect to either do the operation or abort. My estimate is release lmb to close the window, release rmb to abort, just as rmb also aborts when dragging edges and not borders.
for rightclick select the other way around might work better.

please implement this. thanks for your time reading this.

grabbing the border could also be 1 px wider. Or maybe even a setting for the border width in the settings would be fine...

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The bug tracker does not track enhancement requests. A better place to propose this change would be the RightClickSelect community for Blender enhancements at where people can comment and vote on it.

William Reynish (billreynish) changed the task status from Unknown Status to Invalid.Jul 28 2019, 10:01 AM

okay, thank you, I was struggling to find a fitting subject header for it already :)