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Stuck in Edit Mode
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System Information
Operating system: Windows 10
Graphics card: Intel HD Graphics 520 (built-in)

Blender Version
Broken: 2.80 RC 3


In the attached Blend file you will find one object named "Dead Object" because changing it from Edit Mode to Object Mode in any workspace causes it to switch from Object Mode to Edit mode in one of the other workspaces, so no matter how you try you can never get it out of Edit Mode.


I found I couldn't select one of my objects. I checked each workspace and found that the object was in Edit Mode in the Modeling workspace, so I tapped the Tab key to go to Object Mode (and of course I verified that the mode did change). Still couldn't select it, so I kept looking and found it had gone into Edit Mode in the UV Editing workspace. So I tabbed out there. Still couldn't select it, so I searched again and found it in Edit Mode once again in the Modeling workspace. It seems that whenever I change the Mode in one workspace, it toggles in another, as well, so I can never truly leave Edit Mode and never delete the object.

I tried deleting all its vertices to see if I could then get it out of Edit Mode, so that's why the Dead Object in the Blend file has no geometry.

I think this disaster occurred after using the Eye icons to hide and show Collections. I don't remember, so it's possible the object was in Edit Mode when I hid its containing collection.

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I'm not seeing an issue (but maybe I'm not understanding the problem). I think perhaps you're confused by the behavior of Workspaces in 2.80. Each Workspace has an associated mode set in that Workspace's tool properties and workspace settings like so:

The way this behaves is that when you switch workspaces, if the new workspace has a different value for Mode than the setting in the workspace that you're leaving, then the active Blender Mode is switched to that configured for the new Workspace. So Modeling and UV Editing both have Edit as their Mode and any time you start in the Layout tab (which has a Mode of Object) and switch to one of those Workspaces, you'll find yourself in Edit mode. When you switch to Layout from one of those Workspaces you should always be in Object mode, and that's the behavior I see here with your file and the Dead Object selected through the Outliner.

Note that in the above, the current Blender mode does *not* affect the behavior. It only looks at the Mode of each Workspace and checks whether they're the same or different. So if you change the Mode of the Layout tab to be Edit as well, then you can switch between those three Workspaces and regardless of what Mode you're in, it will not be changed when you switch Workspace (this is actually a handy feature). If you do that and are in Object mode, you'll be able to switch from Layout to Modeling and it will not switch into Edit mode for example.

Does that explain what you're seeing?

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Not entirely. I cannot select the object named "Dead Object" no matter what I do. It is unselectable the way objects are when you are in Edit Mode somewhere. I can leave Edit Mode and select any other object in the file, and I can do things like double-clicking on Dead Object's name to change it; but I can't select Dead Object as an object to delete it.

Gavin Scott (Zoot) raised the priority of this task from 30 to 80.Jul 28 2019, 10:05 PM

If I click it in the Outliner then it shows as selected there and in the upper left corner info display of the 3dview. Hitting DEL or X at that point does indeed fail to delete it for some reason ("Deleted 0 object(s)" status, though right-clicking it in the outliner and choosing Delete does seem to work. So yes, there may be something odd about this object in this file.

For the collection the object in question is in, selectability is disabled. But since the object itself is already active, and that state survives de-selection, it can still be put into edit mode. Once selectability for the collection is re-enabled, the object can be selected and deleted. I'm not sure if this is a bug, looks like a corner case with the active vs. selected behavior.

This can be reproduced in a default Blender file by simply disabling selectability for the default Collection. This will cause the Cube to become unselected (but still active), and not selectable: clicking in the Outliner will select it in the Outliner, but not in the scene.

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I see no bug here, if anything, it may be usability issue, but that is not what this bug tracker is supposed to deal with.

@Stanislav Blinov (radcapricorn) thanks for explaining this.