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cuda error
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System Information
Operating system: win10
Graphics card: gtx 970
16g ram

i switched to a new system
gtx 2070 super
32g ram

Blender Version

sometimes I get this error when trying to render in cycles(GPU render). not sure exactly how{F7642882}

when the error happened, the ram usage was very high. i wonder if that's the problem.



Event Timeline

{F7646522}some times it says this, illegal address

Hongyu Fu (HF) added a comment.EditedTue, Aug 6, 7:58 AM

update: i upgraded my gpu ,cpu and ram problem stil exist.

is it because i overclocked the GPU?
i didnt overclock my old gpu but i still have this problem

i bought a new gpu and overclocked it to a stable state. i can render no problem.
the next day i tried to overclock it a little more then this problem appears. then i reverted it back to the stable state but the problem is still there.
can someone tell me if this is a bug in blender?

also a lot of the time it will say canceled in the cycles viewport.

whats the difference between cuctxsynchronized and cuctxcreate. can someone explain to me what causes those error?

seems like cycles is usually running below maximum memory speed. i remember seeing full memory speed when it crashed. hope this info can help.

ill really appreciate if i get an update even if is under investigation. thanks

Hongyu Fu (HF) added a comment.EditedTue, Aug 6, 8:54 AM

update: i get this viewport bug consistently when i try to rotate models in rendered view in cycles with one sample(or do anything that will update the rendered viewport like show or hide objects). it will lag then stop updating. the gpu usage and clock speed will spike up to max. then the top left where it shows all the calculations will say "canceled".

again, i never use to get this. even with gpu overclocked. as i mentioned before, i overclocked the gpu to a stable state. i used the exact file to test things. and i could rotate in cycles rendered mode with no problems.

today when i get errors after overclocking a bit more. i reverted to the previous stable state. But i still have all kinds of cycles problem which i didnt use to have.

Update: when i completely clear the overclock and set it back to default state. everything seems to work normally.

is this connected to overclock?

but again i didnt use to have problen with everything overclocked, also my old 970 was not overclocked but still have the problem. i think overclock can definity affect it but i dont think its the cause of errors.


I might have came out with some reasonable hypothesis

Based on some input from other people. Those error happens when GPU or memory can't handle the scene.

The reason my 970 has error is because it can't handle the scene and doesnt have enough memory.

The reason my 2070super has error is because the overclock somehow triggered the same error wrongly.
When I set everything back to default everything's fine.

I'm using the newest Nvidia studio driver btw

Hope these info can help