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GPencil: Add option to jump to scene from Video Sequencer Strip
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Need a way to jump from the strip to the scene edition directly.

It's necessary to define in some place what it's the layout to use.



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Antonio Vazquez (antoniov) triaged this task as Normal priority.Aug 6 2019, 5:48 PM

When working on storyboarding in Blender the most useful workflow is to have all the scenes in the same Blender file and use only one of them for the edit.

Example: the artist have the Scenes 'S01', 'S02', 'S03' and use other scene: 'Edit' only for the final edit using the Sequencer on the Video editing Workspace.
When the artist is editing the scenes in the Sequencer editor, could be useful to have a quick way to switch to another Workspace (Storyboarding Workspace in this case) to work on the selected Scene Strip.