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Can't Select in Viewport in 2.8
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Intel Core i3-5005u
Blender 2.8

I cant select anything in the viewport... first time i could, then after some selections, i cant. When i use the selection tool, it just doesnt do anything... Sometimes it just cycles through all the objects regardles of what i click on.. Lasso works sometimes... but i just want to select with the selection tool, it just ignores everything i do.



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Daniel Salazar (zanqdo) triaged this task as Needs Information from User priority.

Please provide complete information from your system including GPU and driver

I dont know how to tell you that, but i can tell you that i have a HP laptop.. with intel i3. I probably have a nvidia driver but i dont know how to tell you that.

Use the tool in the blender help menu

Here's that,
So, while we are at it, at this point it seems to be fixed... but i just restarted Blender, im afraid it will mess up again when i add more elements. Is it possible that i have toggled something that made it go crazy or something? Restarting blender didn't work last time..