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eevee crash
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System Information
Operating system: win 10
Graphics card: rtx 2070 super 8gb, with newest studio driver
cpu ryzen 7 3700x
32g ram

Blender Version
Broken: 2.80.75

blender froze when switched to eevee. i have a file with 3m faces 35 materials(most of those are pbr(2k tiled)) 28 light sources, one hdri. {F7655656}shouldn't be too big to handle. when frozen, GPU usage keeps going up and down between10%-40%

, cpu around 20%, all my buildings are real-world scale. camera distance is 20000m, all models are within 4000 square meters. dont know if that affects eevee. also blender priority is set to high.

not sure how you can reproduce that. maybe put some large models and use 30 pbr materials, make 30 light sources. here is a pic of my project

those at the back are only tree planes with pbr material. most geometries are in the buildings. btw is Eevee optimized for large scale scenes? or only for small scale archviz and animation.




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i think i found out what the problem is. when i turn off the 28 light sources, eevee works fine. but when i turn them on, problem appears. gpu starts going up and down, blender freezes like i mentioned above.

so eevee doesnt like too many light sources?

Hi @Hongyu Fu (HF)!

Does it make a difference when you change the shadow map size/type in the render tab of EEVEE?
Can you test if there is any difference when you set the 'Viewport -> Textures -> Limit Size' in the preferences to a lower value.
Can you also start blender with --debug-gpu command line option and attach the log to this report.

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hi, i think i found the reason, eevee will crash when i turn on soft shadow, texture size and shadow map size will not affect anything. also i dont know how to save log, so i copied and pasted everything, but there is a portion at the top that got cut off, command prompt didnt show everything.
it looks like everytime the gpu usage dips down, the command prompt is showing the same group of text, then the gpu usage goes up to around 40%, at this time command prompt doesn't show anything. then it dips down and repeated the same lines.

also eevee is very slow in the viewport, and makes everything else slow as well. the cpu usage was low like 20% and gpu usage didnt exceed 50% and its bouncing up and down all over the place. i think i have a pretty powerful system. or do i need 2x 2080ti and a tr2990wx in order to run eevee. i have a video demonstrating the soft shadow freeze. and the lag as well.


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