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Power Sequencer: video editing tools
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We have been working on an add-on for the blender video sequence editor with the community for a few years now. We are maintaining it and recently ported it to blender 2.80. I'd like to contribute it as a release add-on.

Power Sequencer adds dozens of operators to edit videos faster with the sequencer you can find here:
Here's the add-on repository with general info:

The operators are all documented: we write the docs in the source code and update them as we go

The current version tries to respect the vanilla Blender user experience and adds new tools to the program, like an interactive trim tool, operators to do fades, crossfades, move crossfades, and many others, all offering more flexibility than the operators available in the Kinoraw tools. We use the add-on to produce video tutorials with my team, and made it so we could edit as fast as possible.

We are at least several persons using it on a regular basis, including the two video editors I'm working with for our YouTube channel, so it’s gotten some good testing over the past 2 years.

A few persons asked me to submit it to Blender, here you go!

Zip file:


  • I could not create a page on the add-ons catalogue as the wiki is archived now.
  • The plug-in ships with the add-on auto-updater script, I just put everything in the zip file but I can remove it if you need me too
  • We've renamed every operator to use the same format as the blender source code, and we follow the blender Py guidelines and pep8



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Brendon Murphy (meta-androcto) triaged this task as Normal priority.

hi @Nathan Lovato (gdquest) good to see you again, It's worth mentioning you guys have been in #vse and discussing the vse for some time. I think we could look at adding this if the vse team agree. Currently, as I'm sure your aware, the sequencer addons in Blender are broken. So I'm open to replacement from a known long term addons dev such as yourself and your addon.

Hi Brendon! Long-time no see.

Richard told me he'd review this task, and that he needed help to do add-on review as it's his first time.