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Dynamic Spacebar Menu: move to folder structure/updates
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This is the task for the dynamic spacebar menu addon.
I'm moving the addon into a folder structure as it's very long to read and handle.
New structure will be:
I'll split up some more based on use case. (in progress)



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Brendon Murphy (meta-androcto) lowered the priority of this task from Needs Triage by Developer to Normal.Aug 13 2019, 1:59 AM

hi, this will be a large commit. Initial structure is done.

hi, I've made several changes so far.
Folder Structure: the main menu is now in the init with the sub menus split into files.
Main Menu: By design, the spacebar menu addon replaces built in menus without restricting access to the built in functions.. This is seen in the first 3 entries covering Preferences > Keymaps > Spacebar actions with Search, Tools and Animation represented.
Quick Favorites has been added, also an important fast access tool.
View Menu: I've fallen back to default menu and appended the "Shading menu". The compromise here is Align View > Align View to Active gives longer depth to the sub menu set. This is offset by the Tools and Sidebar toggles no longer needed in the main menu. the shading menu still needs work.
Animation menu: simple reorder, moved to own file, more can to be done here. Keyframe menu in particular can be improved.

Further improvements to follow.

Leaving open as there's still some work to do on this menu.
Recent changes:
Fall back to default menu's where possible.
Reorder consistent menu structure.
Remove Select file: fall back to defaults.
Remove Sculpt/Paint file, I've kept a base menu for these modes but they are now covered by the Dynamic Brush Menu
To do:
Transform menu's may need adjustment.
Armature modes need checking.
Grease pencil entries need proper writing.
Investigate ways to use pop up menu's for the remaining header tools. (longer term)
Check Sidebar for usable entries such as bevel weights which could be added to edit mode. (longer term)

Current Object modes standard menu:

Block 1 (separated by lines:
Top 3 entries cover all the built in spacebar actions.
Next 2 entries Quick favs and Interactive modes for quick access.
Block 2 header menus:
View, Select, Add and new base for Camera menu (wip)
Block 3 Object menus:
Object menu was too long for this addon so it's split into smaller sections. This is especially apparent in mesh edit mode. Split up and consolidated into smaller sections.
The final menus/blocks add collections and some base tools.
Thanks. Feedback is welcome.

closing as resolved, bulk of the major changes are done