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Blender 2.8 does not start
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When I try and open blender, six things appear in The terminal then an error appears. See below.

CPU: Intel i7
GPU: AMD firepro m5950 4 gb ram

Blender 2.8
Opengl 4.1

Drivers and os are up to date.

-d, --debug-gpu, and --factory-startup all give the same thing six times(win32 error# (0): the operation completed successfully) in the terminal. Then an error appears, saying the following: a graphics card and driver with support for opengl3.3 or higher is required. Installing the latest driver for your graphics card may resolve the issue.
This message appears even though everything I check says my graphics driver is up to date, and opengl is version 4.1



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Your GPU does not meet our minimal requirements, not much we can do here... Thanks for the report anyway.