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selecting specific bones to active problem
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System Information
Operating system: windows7
Graphics card: intel hd4000

Blender Version
Broken: 2.89 8/18/2019

Short description of error

Error Problem

maybe uploading the blend file is not needed cause they say its working fine for them
so it is in my settings i guess but ive tried almost everything im using blender steam btw
tried reinstalling everything and deleting the appdata file

i can only select to active a bone by clicking the root bone multiple times

i clicked the root bone 4 times to be on the shoulder bone
i can forcely select a specific bone by circle select but it doesnt set the bone to active
as you can see the active bone is still the shoulder bone because of the black outline

and to prove you that the shoulder bone is the active bone
here is another example

i circle select the shoulder bone and the root bone (so the root bone should be the active bone right? cause it is the last bone i selected) but the black outline is with the head bone (3rd bone) so when i parent it both shoulder and root bone parented to the head bone

here is another one example i only chose 1 bone (i shouldnt be able to parent it right? cause you need to pick the child first then the last one is the parent) but here i can parent it because the 2nd bone was the active bone

i cant box select specific bones but box selecting the root bone is selecting all the bones

please fix, and please put dlc to steam as a donation or something so blender will be kept on my library 😆



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Little Update

so i tried it on pc myself and its working fine
i can select specific bones to active
maybe blender is not yet optimized in some hardwares?
its really weird, hope this will get fixed

Another Update

so i saw some forums having the same issue, thought im the only one
i think the problem here is in the integrated gpu which is intel hd 4000
cause as i read their posts we have the same gpu
hoping for fix faster i cant move to weight painting