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GSoC 2019 - Cycles/EEVEE Improvements
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Authored By
Omar Emara (OmarSquircleArt)
Aug 19 2019, 1:35 PM
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This task provides an overview of the Cycles/EEVEE Improvements GSoC 2019 project. Including the code, patches, weekly reports, and documentation.

The code for the project is available in the [[ | soc-2019-cycles-procedural ]] branch. For reviewing and merging, the individual changes are submitted as patches/differentials against master. Those patches are listed below.

Status Of Differential
  • Merged to master.
  • Getting reviewed.
  • Not yet submitted.
Weekly Reports

Event Timeline

Omar Emara (OmarSquircleArt) lowered the priority of this task from 90 to Normal.Aug 19 2019, 1:35 PM
Omar Emara (OmarSquircleArt) created this task.

As EEVEE doesnt support object motion blur, a vector pass would also be a great addition to EEVEE if possible. Would save having to render each frame twice (once in eevee and once in cycles for the vector pass).

Hi @Omar Emara (OmarSquircleArt) I'm wondering if you have any timeline for:

  • Extend Voronoi node to other dimensions and add other feature types.
  • Add Vertex Color node.

It seems it won't be ready/reviewed/merged in time for bcon1/bcon2 deadline.

Hi @Dalai Felinto (dfelinto) , I can create patches for both task in the next two days.

Way awarded a token.Sep 13 2019, 4:04 AM
Brecht Van Lommel (brecht) changed the task status from Unknown Status to Resolved.Sep 13 2019, 3:44 PM
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