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Graph Editor: Link Visible and Selected states
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Working with many curves in the GE currently requires animators to often toggle the visibility of curves and then select the newly visible curves.
Linking 'visible' and 'selected' would make it faster to use the GE. However, having those two always linked would remove the feature of having certain curves visible "in the background", i.e. visible but unselected. We do not want to lose this feature.

Proposal: Add a user preference to link 'visible' and 'selected'. When this mode is enabled:

  • The visibility icon can be removed from the graph editor UI.
  • Selection state determines visibility.

We think a user preference is best for this, as we suspect it's a personal preference and not so much something you want to manage per GE editor.



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we have something remotely similar :

the biggest problem with this, is that, even if you only have one channel selected, it still considers the rest of the "disabled" channels for the zoom so it becomes really awkard when you press "home" and because it doesnt select the keys so you need 4 extra steps every time you want to focus on a specific curve.