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Graph Editor: Curve channel colour
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Problem: the curve colour is shown in the same button as the visibility eye. Since the eye is drawn in white, this can make it hard to see when the curve colour is bright.

Proposal: show the curve colour in a separate little strip on the side, and put the visibility button next to it. Some examples:

Note that it's important to keep the colour well-visible; moving the eye icon away from it shouldn't detriment from the visibility of the colour.

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Why not coloring the text instead? It doesn't get in the way of the icons, doesn't require to add a little strip on the side, and IMHO it would be clearer since you would "read" right away the color and the transform type instead of needing to go find the strip on the side.

Here's an example from Maya:

Why not coloring the text instead?

Because there are more colours than just R/G/B for X/Y/Z, and it will be very hard to have coloured text work with different themes. It'll be very hard to pick channel colours that are readable on both light and dark backgrounds.

I consider that the proposals should respect the design scheme for the interface as in the outliner all the icons to the right, hierarchy line and alternate rows

The curve color does not represent an axis so it may be far from the text X, Y and Z

The axes can be grouped using the hierarchy

Default Dark theme

Without "Show Group Colors"

or like this

(probably this option has already been considered)

Another color icon is the same drawback as a color text

here another icon distribution more similar to outliner

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Oh.. @Sybren A. Stüvel (sybren) I completely missed this thread, since there was also an older paper cut posted by William in the UI module; following that one I had made a patch that moves the color bands on the right side:

If having the colors away from the visibility icons is a big problem it can easily be changed to be as in your proposal, like this:

We should merge T65841 and this task as they pretty much cover the same thing. For the proposed design we (being mostly @Nacho Conesa (Nanoide) and me, with the blessing of @Hjalti Hjálmarsson (hjalti) and @Pablo Fournier (pablico)) used the following rules that we feel are important:

  • The colour should be close to the channel name, so that it's easy to spot the relation between name & colour.
  • The colour should be shown in a large enough area to be well visible (so not just 1 or 2 pixels wide).
  • The eye icon should be well visible, regardless of the channel colour.
  • Any indentation/tree structure should move the labels to the right-hand side as little as possible, to maximise the available space for labels.