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Graph Editor: Curve list background color
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Problem: the Bone Groups as they are shown currently in the GE interface create visibility problems as shown in this image:

  • Hard to read the text
  • Hard to see the icons

Proposal 01:

  • Moving bone group color to a small strip on the right side of the curve channel.
  • Adding the color of the curve to the text, making it more easy to find

Proposal 02:

Same, but using a gradient instead

Combined Proposal:

Sybren suggested this idea in T68972: Graph Editor: Curve channel colour so I tried to combined both of them to check how it looks. I think it makes the interface more clean and readable.

Also recreated with the light theme, to check if it generates problems.

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Nacho Conesa (Nanoide) lowered the priority of this task from 90 to Normal.Aug 22 2019, 6:23 PM
Nacho Conesa (Nanoide) created this task.

We now have three design tasks for the same thing, all opened within a couple of days.

T69059: Graph Editor: Curve list background color T68972: Graph Editor: Curve channel colour & T68973: Animation channels list UI

Please guys, let's stop making virtually identical design tasks.

Combined proposals suggested by Sybrens to be more like the outliner and my suggestion to "Show Group Colors", use the method to show "Header & Background" panels.

Dark theme

Light theme

Edit Group colors -> Themes/Bone Colors Sets:

Sybren suggester Filter the icons in T68973: Animation channels list UI:

Clean format using filters and deactivating "Show Group Colors":

Dark theme

Light theme


Proposal 2 is much better, because it makes the eye icon and lock icon more visible. Those other proposals are taking more space on my graph editor ( spaces that i don't have :( )