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Too confusing to manipulate an image in the video sequencer.
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When you add an image to the video sequencer with a different resolution then the final, it gets stretch, if it’s bigger it gets squeezed, if you enable offset it comes back to the normal scale.

Crop work different if offset is on or off.

If the image is bigger and I enable offset to come back to the original proportions, but I try to use transform modifier to reduce it’s scale(the only way I found to change the scale), the part of the image that is out off the screen is cropped out.

The effect strip transform is confusing, it works on top of some modifications you already did on the strip it’s applied (like offset and crop), even if it’s muted, it should be removed and the configurations like scaling should be add directly on the strip configuration menu.



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IMO this is not a bug report but a features request, developers will decide to this. However one report for each bug
You forgot to upload a simplest possible .blend file to reproduce this propblem, just as you forgot to fill relevant data as

The operating system, main memory size, GPU brand and model, GPU driver version and Blender hash or its build date may be needed by developers to investigate this problem

as request in bug template

Next time you want report a bug you can use Help > Report a Bug item and strictly compile following proposed form, all text from [ to ] must be edited. You must clearly describe steps to reproduce issue and attach a simplest possible .blend file

Before making a new error report, the use of the 'Search' box (top right on the BugTracker Reporting page) is very much appreciated to check if the errors / problems have already been reported by other users, every minute you dedicate at this is a minute earned by the developer to fix bugs. The duplication of the bugreport is a waste of time and resources for the developers

Richard Antalik (ISS) triaged this task as Normal priority.

This has been requested few times and there are patches for this.
It should be dealt with ideally in this release.