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License of Blender ID
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at KDE we are currently investigating forking Blender ID as a replacement of the old KDE Identity service. See

And I wanted to know under that license this project is licensed. I found in package.json that the assets are licensed under GPL2.0+, but I wasn't sure if it was the case for the entire project. Can someone provide clarification and add a LICENSE file to the project?


Carl Schwan

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Mind asking this in one of the other communication channels?

I think in this case it is best continuing here or

I mean, @Sybren A. Stüvel (sybren) or @Pablo Vazquez (pablovazquez) could still drop a note here [but I think think this is best documented in the source-code itself? or on another channel...], but I will close this report as "not-a-bug".

@Carl Schwan (carlschwan) That's great news. I looked at, and it seems that your goals are in line with ours. I'd love to see 2FA in there (I have a Yubikey myself that I use whenever possible); we just didn't have the time to implement that. Some more security improvements (like limiting nr of failed logins, monitoring API calls, etc) would also be very welcome. We'd definitely be interested in any improvements that the KDE project can make.

To answer your question: The project is GPL 3; I've just committed a LICENSE.txt file that declares this.

I used to be the lead developer of Blender ID, but I moved to developing Blender itself. I'm still available on Blender Chat if you have any questions; probably #blender-cloud is a better channel to talk about this, as it's less crowded than #blender-coders and equally on topic.