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Cursors Design
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'Cursor' in this context refers to mouse cursors, such as these:


In Blender, our cursors are quite weak.

The biggest issues are:

  • Many tools lack cursors
  • It's not clear why cursors change (based on tool, mode, something else?)
  • Our custom cursors are small and pixelated
  • We could use system cursors for some things, rather than custom ones

Modes and tools

A basic issue, is that it's not clear when the cursor should change. Currently, the cursor is changed based on the mode and also the tools:

Object Modearrow cursor
Edit Modecrosshair cursor
Sculpt Modecrosshair cursor
Texture Paint Modearrow cursor
Vertex Paint Modearrow cursor
Weight Paint Modearrow cursor

The issue is that it's not clear when cursors change based on the mode vs the tool, and many modes share the same tools.

I propose to remove all of these mode-based cursors, and instead only set the cursors based on the tool, like so:

Draw Toolbrush crosshair
Fill ToolFill cursor
Blur ToolBlur cursor
Box Select Toolselect crosshair
Lasso Select ToolLasso cursor
Cursor Tool3D Cursor cursor!
Tweak ToolTweak cursor


System cursors

In Blender, we use both system-supplied cursors for some things, and also custom cursors

Whenever we have a relevant system cursor, would use that one instead.

Custom cursor

Our custom cursors are very low quality, low resolution, with no shading, anti-aliasing or colours possible.

It would be nice to find a way to include high quality (vector?) icons for all the three platforms we support

Related tasks

D5197: UI WIP - Changes to Cursors