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Batch Rename: Preset support
Confirmed, LowPublicTO DO


The batch rename operator supports chaining operations, allowing for setup actions which users may want to re-use.

This is a convenience feature.

Example use cases (which may be possible in the future):

  • Bones
    • Add a prefix.
    • Number the object/bone based on it's level in the hierarchy.
    • Add a L/R suffix based on it's side.
  • Objects
    • Rename them to match their object data.
    • Number them, ordering based on their Z locaiton.

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Hi when you say Numbering based on their Z location, I have a few questions : how should the tie be broken if say 2 cubes at the same height (Z direction) ?
This is a stupid one but I still don't get it Numbering should be done on homogeneous objects ( all Cubes, all bones ) or can be done on heterogeneous objects( Cube,sphere,planes etc) ?

@Himanshi Kalra (calra) best discuss here T69479: Batch Rename: Numbering support since this is just about supporting presets.