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Crash when rendering (F12) or in Rendered preview in the viewport.
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System Information
Operating system: Windows 10 Home 64-bits
Graphics card: Radeon (TM) RX 480 Graphics 8GB

Blender Version
Broken: (example: 2.80, edbf15d3c044, master, 2018-11-28, as found on the splash screen)
2.80 (sub 75) 2019-07-29 09:44 AM Windows

Short description of error
Blender crashes when it's rendering (F12) or in Rendered preview in the viewport, but not since F12 is pressed or the Rendered preview icon is pressed, but in the process (indeed, in a few cases, it doesn't crash always, but in most of the cases).

Exact steps for others to reproduce the error
It has been explained on the previous point. The model is high poly (933738 triangles) but it has no modifiers/bones/animations.... Only 4 objects into the scene: 1camera, 1light, 1 human body and 1 dress for the body. Not sure if it's a good idea uploading the file because the .blend file is 89MB and it has 14 textures. But the model is exactly this one:
The secret of the Firmament
The problem is that it works great with my i5 computer and a 4G ATI AMD Radeon R7 200 Series, Windows 10 Home, but when I try it on a way better computer (i7 with a 8G Radeon RX 480, Windows 10 Home) it renders way faster but in some point, sooner or later, it crashes. I've attached the Log Files created by the blender_debug_log.cmd file.



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The video driver that you are using is very old. RX 480 can be used with the driver Adrenalin 2019 Edition 19.9.2. This driver can be found here:

It might not fix all your problems. It's worth trying a newer driver than the one you have.

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Have you been able to resolve the problem by following @Cris (onedev)'s suggestion?

Hi, thanks for the tip, Cris. I've installed the new driver you've attached. Firstly it had an error in the installation, so I installed it again (so, not really sure it is well installed now).
Blender still crashes. I've attached the debug_logs files for the last model that I've testes today (indeed, I've seen that other models with lower polys also crash Blender). I think the problem is the driver, yes. Nothing to do with Blender, I guess. But I don't know if the driver is the last version now.
Thanks again.


Hi again... I've installed the driver again (the installer has 2 options: installation & Clear installation). This time I installed it with the Clear installation option and it seems that the driver is now really installed, but the blender scene still crashes (it's another scene with less polygons: 228639 polygons). I've used the last version of Blender 2.81 (11/10/2019).
Has it something to do with the drivers now? Or what do you think it's going on? I can share the scene I'm using now (it is 24MB). I'm trying to render an animation from 1 to 70 frames, but it crashed in the 6th frame.
Thanks, mates.

Could you simplify the file? (e.g. removing textures)
That way we can try to reproduce the problem.

Olà, Germano!
I've removed the textures and I'm rendering again (trying to see if it crashes or not). I forgot to remove the environmental texture, but let's wait a bit... In the meantime I share you a render without textures (the scene only had textures in the rocks and in the cloth skin. It's rendering the 11th and going on. Not crashed yet.

It finally crashed on frame 15. I've removed the environment texture and I'm rendering again.

Perhaps replacing all textures with some procedural textures would make the file smaller. I'd also like to try this on a system with Windows 10 and a Radeon GPU.

Well... The scene has no textures at all now. It crashed in frame 22th. I've attached the .blend scene. You'll see it is not a complex scene.

Ah.... here the debug_log, if it helps.

I don't know if it helps, but when I open Substance Painter, I see this error (yes, I know it has nothing to do with Blender)... I hadn't seen that issue before when I had the other computer.
I don't even know if it is an important error. I click on "Continue anyway" and I haven't had any problem.

What are the steps to reproduce the problem?
Render the entire animation?

The problem appears when the model is in Render preview in the viewport shading (but it happened usually with Blender 2.80... I've seen that 2.81 doesn't usually crashes in Render Preview... but it depends on the scene). It also happens when rendering (if I render just 1 frame, it usually render it well, but the more frames you render, the more probability to crash). In the scene of the caveman, the more textures I remove, the more frames it can render. I mean... When I render the real scene from 1 to 70 frames, it crashes in the frame 3, or 6.... When I removed the textures, it crashed in the 11th frame... and when I removed also the environment texture, it crashed in the 22th frame. So, I guess than the simpler, the more renders it can do without crashing.

@Juan Glez (Panchete) Do you render using Cycles and the CPU? If not, what setup do you use? I'm trying to reproduce this on Radeon. Nvidia was OK on 2.80.75.

I use the same parameters on the file attached. Yes, it's Cycles and CPU. I don't have any Nvidia. It's a Radeon RX 480. I wish I had a Nvidia (because most of the photogrammetry softwares need Nvidia).

If I had access to your two computers, I'd try to swap the GPUs between the two computers to see if the slower GPU crashes in the faster PC and if the faster GPU crashes in the slower PC. That would provide some hints about a potential hardware issue.

Can you access to my computers? Something like TeamViewer or similar? The other computer (the slower one) is in my father's room (he gave me this i7, with a better graphic card and all is better in general). I can take it, if you want to do some tests.

@Juan Glez (Panchete): No, it was about replacing the card in one computer with the one from the other and trying the test on both. This is something which could provide more hints based on the results. There's absolutely no reason for me to access your computers.

I've done what I could so far - rendered the whole animation on a PC with an Nvidia GPU and attempted to render it on one with a Radeon GPU. None of them crashed for me. This is why I suggested swapping the cards between the two computers.

Ah, I understand. So... swapping the graphic cards for testing.... hmmm.... yes, I think it's possible. Cool, tomorrow morning I'll do that. I'll let you know what happens.
Thanks for all.
Have a nice weekend.

Morning, guys.
I've made a lot of cool tests. Some interesting things:
I tried to swap the graphic cards. Remember:

  • small card: 4G ATI AMD Radeon R7 200 Series

  • big card: 8G Radeon RX 480

And two computers:

  • small computer: i5
  • big computer: i7

I took the small card off the small computer and put it in the big computer.
Impossible to put the big card in the small computer (the big card is superhuge!). Here a photo of the small computer and the big graphic card:

The big computer is superhuge and high (a Hummer Republic of Gamers). Here an image of the big computer and a third computer (a PC IN WIN "Dragon Slayer"). Not sure about the characteristics of this 3rd computer but I can investigate if you need it. That's my father's computer).

Well... these are the results:
The small graphic card in the huge computer still works bad (it crashes when rendering). I've attached here the debug_log if it helps.

The huge card in the small computer was impossible to plug, but we were able to plug in the 3rd computer (the In Win)... and it works fantastic, both using CPU and GPU compute in Blender.
So, the problem is not the graphic card, but something in the huge computer. Not sure what.
Hope all this helps.

for my experience, main memory problem (you can try to swap memory dimm if you have more than one) or bad (deprecated) overclock settings, mine workstation GPU card was instable untill i find and disabled automatic PCIe overclock, i spend several months to find this automatic matherboard features and how disable it

Thanks dark999. But not sure how to disable the automatic motherboard features. But it is possible that the timeout detection recovery issue with Substance Painter has something to do with the overclock you're talking about. Not really sure.

@Juan Glez (Panchete) It does seem to be something wrong with your big computer in that case. If you have a spare harddisk to install a fresh copy of the OS, that'd help rule out any potential operating system related issue. This would help rule out something being broken within your operating systems.

It's likely to be a hardware issue unrelated to Blender itself based on these tests you've done. This is also helpful because it helps figure out what's a Blender bug and what's a problem caused by a hardware/software issue.