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3D Cursor tool todo
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In Blender 2.80, we now have a special tool for transforming the 3D Cursor. The issue is that it's not easy to move it visually, using gizmos, to set a certain pivot point for transforms. We can support this via a toggle in the tool settings, enabled by default for the 3D Cursor toolL

This makes it so you can reposition and rotate the 3D Cursor using gizmos, like so:

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in adition to this, I want to propose make a optional "Auto 3d Cursor" mode that change the pivot point automatically to 3d cursor until the user change selection? For example, without the option activated, blender keeps the classic behavior. With the option enabled:

  • if user have pivot point to the 3D cursor, nothing happens when he move the 3d cursor
  • if user have other pivot point, when he move the 3D cursor it automatically change to pivot point 3D cursor mode until heb change the selection, or other behavior

Is there a reason to make the gizmo optional?

Why not enable it by default as with other gizmo's?

Is there any reason the gizmo doesn't have planar and 3D transform handles? I can imagine many cases where I'd like to snap cursor onto something on 2D plane or in 3D. Right now, with the ability to only move cursor one axis at the time, that would be an unnecessary amount of steps.

Will the grab and rotate hotkeys be supported as well? For people not using gizmos I think it would be inconvenient to use gizmos when transforming the cursor.