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Rig control issue
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I use link to import the characters in blender
after that i use proxy rig
but whenever i do that the something happen character controls



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You didn't provide any information about your system and version of Blender. Always use "Help" > "Report a bug":

You also should provide .blend files that are causing problems. You also didn't describe what the problem is exactly. "The something happen character controls" doesn't say much. Perhaps you should look for help on first, before reporting a bug.

This comment was removed by Nitesh (ntshgoku).

Sorry for that

Blender version :- 2.8 latest version

System info :- imac 2009 8GB Ram

OS X :- 10.13.6

Since you created new report T69937 about the same issue you can close this one.

how to close the report ?

Marcin Twarowski (Tvaroog) claimed this task.

I guess changing status to invalid will do.